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Organic - certified Organic by an internationally recognised certifying body.


BG-BIO-O2 - This means respecting the principles, rules and requirements of organic farming.


Vegetarian - contains no meat or fish


Vegan - contains no animal products.

Certified Gluten-Free

Certified Gluten-Free - Certified Gluten-Free at less than 10ppm.


Lactose-Free - Contains no lactose.

Wild Growth

Wild Growth - Grown naturally without being planted or cared for by humans.

Halal Certified

Halal Certified - The product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law.

GMO Free

GMO Free - .

Kosher Certified

Kosher Certified - The product checked the products ingredients, production facility and actual production to ensure all ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery have no trace of non-kosher substances.

Laboratory Tested

Laboratory Tested - Verifying that personnel have adequate credentials to practise certain disciplines.

Demeter Award

Demeter Award - Women in Agribusiness Demeter Award of Excellence. The award recognizes those who have achieved excellence in their field or demonstrated an extraordinary contribution to the agribusiness industry.

British Great Taste Award-winner

British Great Taste Award-winner -The awards are given in an annual contest open to food and beverage companies that are producing exceptional products.


MSG-Free - This claim means that the manufacturer has not added MSG into the food.

Laboratory Tested

Lactose-Free - Contains no lactose.


            Shopping with cash nowadays can be a very poor way of managing your finances today. When you think about where the coins that come back to your pocket as your shopping balance go, you realize it’s difficult spending to account for. There is no doubt the credit card saves you from the hustle of having too much wastage. But how many times have you located lost credit cards belonging to citizens on the streets? Most probably, you have seen this. In many other instances am sure, you might have held your card with a bit more force unintentionally or sat on it in your back pocket and broke it. What happens when you lose this valuable asset? And is there a way we can take care of this? This section outlines three key ways of safeguarding your credit card against any form of damage or loss.


            Your credit card is obviously fitted with microchips that communicate with the electronic shopping systems in your shopping outlet. This section must never get damaged. You should guard it at all costs. But the question is how? You need a cardholder. Not just any cardholder. The best cardholder to help you secure your card ought to be made of the best material. One of the best examples for this product is made by Hardiston New York and can easily be accessed through here. The cardholder is made of the best leather. This is to aid in protecting your card against any form of scratch or scuff that may render it useless. The cardholder protects your credit card in two very important ways. One way is through preventing physical damage. The second way is by preventing physical loss through a safe and comfortable insert onto the cardholder slot.


            Probably every person who owns a phone will require a cover for protection. This ranks the phone cover as one of the most marketed products alongside the chain of phone selling. But did you know that you can use this cover to do precisely that but at the same time help you safeguard your credit card? So, what makes a leather cover the best accessory in this line? First, in terms of the material, leather is the most durable. Everyone values durability. This pre-qualifies it as the best protection to an asset that most men cannot do without. Once your phone is in your pocket, you can feel it. Once your phone cover has a slot where you can store your cards, it becomes easy to safeguard them from loss.

            Think of how many times a man gets to hold his phone in a single day. You will discover that a phone is arguably the item you hold the highest number of times in the day. You want it to withstand scratches, friction, accidental falls, cracks, and anything that might distort its good appearance. This way, a leather case becomes the best option and can easily be fabricated to complement fashion, style, and class.


            Your wallet is a fantastic asset for your everyday use. What this means is that wallets are more of a basic necessity and not an option or an accessory, but seemingly a measure of class and a safety tool for keeping a good store of your cards. A closer look will lead you to an observation that whatever a person carries in her wallet is a valuable asset that they wouldn’t want to lose and therefore a wallet becomes the best tool to safeguard from loss. This is an addition to a person’s outfit which can either complement or detract their overall attractiveness.

            Conclusively, effective demand for leather wallets becomes high whenever a person deems the product relevant for her work, meetings, professional life or daily operations in a nutshell. Having your credit cards held in a leather wallet is a clear indication that you take the best care for them. Leather is durable. Having a leather wallet ensures that your possessions are kept safe for an extended period, reliable insurance against physical damage.

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