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Organic - certified Organic by an internationally recognised certifying body.


BG-BIO-O2 - This means respecting the principles, rules and requirements of organic farming.


Vegetarian - contains no meat or fish


Vegan - contains no animal products.

Certified Gluten-Free

Certified Gluten-Free - Certified Gluten-Free at less than 10ppm.


Lactose-Free - Contains no lactose.

Wild Growth

Wild Growth - Grown naturally without being planted or cared for by humans.

Halal Certified

Halal Certified - The product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law.

GMO Free

GMO Free - .

Kosher Certified

Kosher Certified - The product checked the products ingredients, production facility and actual production to ensure all ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery have no trace of non-kosher substances.

Laboratory Tested

Laboratory Tested - Verifying that personnel have adequate credentials to practise certain disciplines.

Demeter Award

Demeter Award - Women in Agribusiness Demeter Award of Excellence. The award recognizes those who have achieved excellence in their field or demonstrated an extraordinary contribution to the agribusiness industry.

British Great Taste Award-winner

British Great Taste Award-winner -The awards are given in an annual contest open to food and beverage companies that are producing exceptional products.


MSG-Free - This claim means that the manufacturer has not added MSG into the food.

Laboratory Tested

Lactose-Free - Contains no lactose.

Hardiston Newyork - Blog


            Shopping with cash nowadays can be a very poor way of managing your finances today. When you think about where the coins that come back to your pocket as your shopping balance go, you realize it’s difficult spending to account for. There is no doubt the credit card saves you from the hustle of having too much wastage. But how many times have you located lost credit cards belonging to citizens on the streets? Most probably, you have seen this. In many other instances am sure, you might have held your card with a bit more force unintentionally or sat on it in your back pocket and broke it. What happens when you lose this valuable asset? And is there a way we can take care of this? This section outlines three key ways of safeguarding your credit card against any form of damage or loss.


            Your credit card is obviously fitted with microchips that communicate with the electronic shopping systems in your shopping outlet. This section must never get damaged. You should guard it at all costs. But the question is how? You need a cardholder. Not just any cardholder. The best cardholder to help you secure your card ought to be made of the best material. One of the best examples for this product is made by Hardiston New York and can easily be accessed through here. The cardholder is made of the best leather. This is to aid in protecting your card against any form of scratch or scuff that may render it useless. The cardholder protects your credit card in two very important ways. One way is through preventing physical damage. The second way is by preventing physical loss through a safe and comfortable insert onto the cardholder slot.


            Probably every person who owns a phone will require a cover for protection. This ranks the phone cover as one of the most marketed products alongside the chain of phone selling. But did you know that you can use this cover to do precisely that but at the same time help you safeguard your credit card? So, what makes a leather cover the best accessory in this line? First, in terms of the material, leather is the most durable. Everyone values durability. This pre-qualifies it as the best protection to an asset that most men cannot do without. Once your phone is in your pocket, you can feel it. Once your phone cover has a slot where you can store your cards, it becomes easy to safeguard them from loss.

            Think of how many times a man gets to hold his phone in a single day. You will discover that a phone is arguably the item you hold the highest number of times in the day. You want it to withstand scratches, friction, accidental falls, cracks, and anything that might distort its good appearance. This way, a leather case becomes the best option and can easily be fabricated to complement fashion, style, and class.


            Your wallet is a fantastic asset for your everyday use. What this means is that wallets are more of a basic necessity and not an option or an accessory, but seemingly a measure of class and a safety tool for keeping a good store of your cards. A closer look will lead you to an observation that whatever a person carries in her wallet is a valuable asset that they wouldn’t want to lose and therefore a wallet becomes the best tool to safeguard from loss. This is an addition to a person’s outfit which can either complement or detract their overall attractiveness.

            Conclusively, effective demand for leather wallets becomes high whenever a person deems the product relevant for her work, meetings, professional life or daily operations in a nutshell. Having your credit cards held in a leather wallet is a clear indication that you take the best care for them. Leather is durable. Having a leather wallet ensures that your possessions are kept safe for an extended period, reliable insurance against physical damage.

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            Realistically, if you do not protect your phone, high chances are that it will not last for long and it may not look good for as long as you would want. With is in mind, you definitely need a sure approach to protecting your phone against stuff such as scars, scratches, sleekly lines, friction, fading color, and scuffs. Having a leather phone case is absolutely your best option. Today, the majority of iPhone users have discovered that leather provides the best cover and protection for their devices, making the case product the most popular. The fact is that leather is both tough, durable and attractive. A large collection of sellers iPhone will ensure that they stock leather cases on their stores as well since it has become a norm that these two come in handy.


            Leather does not often collect dirt from the environment as opposed to other kinds of fabrics such as plastic and metallic materials. Metals such as silicone for example, which is popularly used, are vulnerable to chemical reactions when they come into contact with air or water. Everybody wants their phone to look clean. By this mere fact, you got to keep away everything capable of keeping its appearance unattractive.


            One popular quality of the leather is that it has a unique ability to withstand wear and tear. Leather contains tough fibers that make it resistant to constant friction. With the nature of touch and rub involved with the frequency of using your phone, having a tough fabric for your phone case becomes a crucial precondition in qualifying any material that forms the cover to your phone. If you need something to protect your iPhone for as long as its usable lifespan, you have a solution in a leather cover.


            Anything covered in leather has a certain touch of elegance. Perhaps it’s an agreeable perception by the whole world. But leather has a good appeal to it. Anything natural is beautiful and can be made to look more attractive in a hundred more ways. We all want to look trendy and the scorecard to our value is in what we wear. One thing that guarantees unending fashion is any outfit made of leather. If you have this covering the surface of your phone, you definitely represent a touch of class.


            Have you ever discovered that leather breathes? Of course, not the normal breathing but essentially lets air pass through its fabric. And how is this related to your phone? Constant heating of your device due to reasons such as overcharging will require your phone to have an excellent cooling system. Leather does not insulate your phone from the circulation of air, but rather helps cool your phone through its natural breathability. This is protective and saves your phone from constant heating.


            Leather offers you an incredible resistance to drops of water or chemicals. Normally, in our day to day operations, having your phone come into contact with water once in a while with water is a common incidence. You obviously need a precautionary step that cushions against damage to your phone in case you wake up one day and an instance causes this to happen. With the thought of this, you can’t disregard the nature of stress a leather phone casing would save you.


            Most people have a habit of knocking their phone against a hard surface or their body. This is inevitable to many and is triggered by either emotions or habits. If you have this habit, then having a leather casing for your phone is mandatory. Leather is a good shock absorber as opposed to any other material.

             In conclusion, this particular piece has outlined some of the reasons as to why a leather iPhone casing is the best. Much of these accessories can be found on http://www.hardiston.com/. However, we have a variety of other important benefits. For example, leather is lightweight and has a soft texture to use on your delicate asset and for your hands. With this information ready, an iPhone leather case becomes the best choice because, on top of depicting your high social status, they offer the best protection for your iPhone.

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Pollution is the process of introducing poisonous contaminants into an environment. The issue of Pollution has become an essential topic of conversation in the last two decades.  Leather processing is now known to be one of the hot topics in the economic reforms of developing countries of the world today. This has also brought about planned awareness of environmental hazards, problems, issues, and solutions too. This awareness has, over recent years, aimed at protecting our environment as well as preserving it.

Also, due to impending environmental problems, a layman on the street is now savvier on ecological issues and how they can be able to tackle it to ensure a safer future. Economic regulations made by world governmental bodies have now made it a difficult phase for leather manufacturing development as well.

The leather processing industry now faces new challenges every day in carrying out specific tasks due to environmental Pollution, treatment costs, and health risks involved. However, in many modern countries, there has been newly derived ideas and inventions in applying the proper methods for leather processing.

Using both chemical and mechanical nuances, many concepts have been applied and are now one of the best methods used today.

Whenever Pollution is mentioned, the major industries that come to mind are crude oil and automobile industries. Rarely do people consider the leather manufacturing and tanning industry.

What most people do not realize is that the Leather industry contributes majorly to industrial pollution problems through the constant disposal of chemicals like lime, sodium sulfide, salt, solvents, etc. If the by-products from Tannery operations are disposed of on land or water bodies without appropriate treatment, they may result in severe pollution problems. The best way to control Pollution in the Leather industry is by treating effluents before disposal.

Cleaner technology has been applied to highlight the need for cleaner processes and limitations of product waste to have better control of Pollution in leather manufacturing processes.

In the case of pH measurement and applications, thee oxidization of chromium is inevitable as well as paramount in achieving the required results. As a significant cause of water pollution and a definite victim of Tanning, the presence of sulfate salts in chromium helps in lowering the amount of pH a. It works at a neutral range in the pH scale.

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 When the making of leather is underway, there is sure to be a case of air pollution in the said environment. Gases are not only emitted from machinery used for manufacturing, but also from other procedures such as chemical tests and reservation.

  • Extract polluted air from the atmosphere using exhaust fans and simultaneously dilute with fresh air- This can be done with various facilities and modern-day technological advancement that needs to be effectively applied by a specialist before actualizing the air treatment
  • Remove causative tannery impurities from the extracted air- This procedure majorly involved the extensive removal of the dangerous contaminants that have been unleashed during the processing stage. These impurities can be very harmful to the public, and that is why strict measures have been put in place in making sure this is done and continuously carried out as an essential practice in leather making industries to eradicate and ensure a safer environment for all.
  • Mask the foul-smelling air with additives- The case of foul gasses emission in leather making industries is quite inevitable as leather manufacturing undergoes so many processes.

Harmful gaseous substances are not only distributed from the machinery applied in the process but also chemical tests as well. By the application of certain additives to neutralize foul smell that can cause discomfort and harm to the public environment.

  • Remove odor bearing specks of dust with cyclone separators- With the use of cyclonic separators, the process of removing harmful particles from air can be actualized with the application of specific chemical procedures that includes vortex techniques.

This, however, can also be achieved in liquid states with the use of hydro cyclone and gas cyclone devices. The rolling stream and the rotating motion bring about the removal of these particles while following a standard mechanical flow.

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Melanin is a class of naturally occurring pigments found in living things. It is produced via a multi-phase biochemical process called melanogenesis. In humans, it manifests as the natural pigment of the skin and hair. Not only is melanin a color pigment, but it also serves the function of protecting the skin and hair from the adverse effects of long term exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Melanin is also a common component in the leather manufacturing industry. Real leather is made from animal skins/hides, and these skins have melanin. If the melanin pigments are not adequately removed, it leaves the finished leather with a patchy and rough appearance.

There are various methods of extracting melanin content from leather, but the most frequently used are enzymatic reactions. As the leather industry evolves into bioprocessing,  a good number of researchers are carrying out an extensive study on the best enzyme to remove melanin from leather. And the majority of findings have pointed towards one protein- Xylanase.

Xylanase is a group of enzymes that can degrade linear polysaccharide xylan into xylose. It is naturally synthesized by fungi, bacteria, yeast, marine algae, protozoans, snails, crustaceans, insects, seeds, etc.

To successfully remove melanin from leather, Xylanase has to be introduced in large quantities. In a research carried out by a group of Indian scientists on "Enzymatic Removal of Melanin in Enzyme Based Dehairing and Fibre Opening,"  melanin pigments were removed from buff calfskins using various concentrations of Xylanase. It was concluded that the rate of removal of melanin is directly proportional to its concentration with a maximum threshold of 0.5%.

Xylanase was proven to have a 100% capacity to rid leather of melanin pigment. What Xynalase does is sever the bond between the adhering matter (glycan based) present between the epidermal and the melanin layer.

 α-amylase can also serve as a supportive enzyme; it speeds up the melanin removal process.

With these two enzymes, removal of melanin from leather will be a workover.

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6 different things to use a blank leather journal for

6 different things to use a blank leather journal for

Do you receive a inscribe leather journal as a gift from a friend last weekend? If yes, this is good news! This gift has opened a gate of a wide range of opportunities you can exploit using this leather journal! The situation is more interesting if you got a classic blank notebook with no use around your home. With these two different materials, there are a lot of things you can do. These things are not shaped by whether you are a writer or not. If you have an idea or what to write in it or not, and your interest in writing does not affect using the journal either. Here are six different things to use a blank leather journal for!

1. Learn a new language with it

Do you know what? A wide range of dictionaries and vocabulary guide all came into existence through a particular journal. Therefore, having a blank leather journal can be a massive opportunity for you to learn as many languages as you want. With it, you can decide to learn French, Swahili, Italian, and any other words in the world. With the blank leather journal, you can put down the vocabulary, and the grammar learned from the new language. The journal helps you to make a quick response to it whenever the needs arrived. Shop for your blank leather journals at hardiston.com

2. Keep a fitness update with it

One of the major mistakes people who engage in different fitness activities do is that they do not have a fixed record for their actions. That is, no place to record your daily success in fitness, no place to record your regular tracks such as the number of a distance you covered in a day, how it has improved overnight, how many minutes did it take you to cover up this distance and other things. A blank leather journal serves as an excellent place to keep these records. Get one today at hardiston.com!

3. Start keeping track of your life events

You can make all the significant events in your life such as the day you got your first kiss, the day you lose your heart, your most embarrassing day and all other red-letter days an evergreen one. All these you can keep as a record the way they happen. You can maintain the journal by gathering all these events and putting them down in a blank leather journal that keeps them immortalized for you. These detailed records are then published as autobiographies or memories. They can also be used to write fictional stories for entertainment. Become a writer today with your blank leather journal from hardiston.com!

4. Record your most stimulating and encouraging quotes

Aside from the fact that quotes stimulate you for better future goals, it also encourages you to build-up a life you can be proud of. Unfortunately, quotes are one of the few ideas that you can forget quickly. To make your most inspiring saying stay with you forever, keeping the records of these quotes can be the best thing to do. That is, you can put down all your inspiring quotes in a black leather journal as you get them. This way, you can have thousands of them that can be published if you wish too! Get one today at hardiston.com

5. Record your financial transactions

Your plan to end a lavish style of living that can be helped by a blank leather journal. With it, you can keep a record of how your daily financial transactions were carried out. It would save a file of how much you spent in a day, week, or a year. What you paid for, how much you got in a day, and the source of the income. This estimation makes you more responsible financially. Through a record of your financial transactions, you can eliminate unnecessary needs from your cost and build a lifetime investment!

6. Record your life goals

A blank leather journal can help you keep a record of your life objectives. You can use it to create a scale of what you want to achieve before a particular period. This journal would also include the strategies to make the goals a reality and the due date for the objectives. You can add as many goals as you want in this journal. Likewise, this journal can contain the various obstacles you might face while striving to achieve all these goals and the planned solutions for them. For your high-quality blank leather journal covers, visit Hardiston New York today!

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How to pick the perfect phone case

Choosing the right phone case is crucial to the safety of your Phone.  Phones are expensive gadgets, so you must protect your investment. There are a wide variety of phone cases out there, so choosing the best may pose a challenge. In Hardiston.com you will find all genuine leather phone cases for every taste. The first thing you need to know is that phone cases are designed for different reasons. Some are restricted to aesthetic purposes; some are for protection while others are meant to provide grip.

1. Evaluate your needs

The first thing to do when picking out a phone case is to analyze your needs. You can do this by answering the following questions:

  • What is the make of my phone?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this brand?
  • How fragile is my phone?
  • How long is this phone expected to last with proper care?
  • Am I seeking to protect or beautify my phone?
  • How often do I drop things?
  • How well did I handle my previous phones?
  • How long is it going to last?
  • Is it too heavy?

Know the type of phone you are using and whether it needs to have a phone case. Some mobile devices are capable of withstanding and resisting break and water percolation factors. You could spend that extra bucks on something else.

Some users can stand the sight of their phones without a pouch, case, or cover. They want to be cautious and be better safe than never. By also determining the fragility of your device, you will be able to know what case is best qualified to protect and serve your phone for as long as possible.

2. Research on different types of phone cases

Next, look at all possible options of phone cases in the market. Compare their properties/features with the answers you got from the previous section; this will help you determine the case that perfectly or firmly suits your requirements.

Many phone cases in the market are made from fabric, leather, rubber, plastic, and metal, while some are made to protect your phone underwater for as long as you like. This heavily depends on your taste as well as your budget.

Screen protection, temperature, weight, durability are some of the things a real phone case lover would like to take into consideration before buying one. With all the descriptions and features given in most websites, a user can carefully settle down and digest before making the decisions that he will not come to regret.

3. Consider Cost

Before invading all the eCommerce websites and hunting down your favorite phone case, you should have in mind, a specified budget that will make your plans more tidy and precise.

It is essential to reconcile your needs with your pocket. While searching for the most suitable case for your phone, you need to consider your budget. The price of your phone case should also be reasonably aligned with the cost and quality of your phone. You do not want to buy a case that outshines or downplay your phone. And you do not want your phone to in downplaying your case either. 

A good case that has all the needed quality and design to satisfy a user is worth the money you pay for. Some smartphone users are capable of affording over $100 phone cases, while some can do with phone cases that worth more than $1000. It will be very unwise to buy a phone case you cannot afford than to not use one at all.

4. Check for Quality

Lastly, you should try to examine the case for signs of wear and tear. Sometimes a good observation is all you need to determine how durable a product will last. This is paramount in making the right choice for you.

Every item you purchase should be worth every single penny when it comes to delivering the needed service it is required of. Determine the materials used in making the iPhone case, as this will give you a more apparent oversight of what you are about to purchase.

It should also match your taste while offering the quality and durability needed to keep your phone safe from damages that will cost you some extra bucks and in some cases, permanent change.

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Remarkable phone cases for your new iPhone 11 Series

Remarkable phone cases for your new iPhone 11 Series

Our phones are precious to us, and we want to do all we can to protect them from scratches, liquids, or accidental collisions. This is why it is easier to find folks rummaging through eCommerce sites to check out phone cases and sizing up their prices.

The phone case industry is still fast demanding, and there is a good record of significant growth every season. That is why at Hardiston stores, you can get the best leather design you need, and your phone cases will ensure durability and all the quality you deserve. Below is a list of cool cases for your new iPhone.

Detachable Magnetic Wallet Cases

The detachable magnetic design of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro cases are carefully hand-made from genuine leather. They also possess exceptional leather quality and beautifully created for your Apple devices, which comes in many bright and matured color varieties that suit every mood and taste.

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro magnetic wallet cases also have a stand for a hands-free mode, which is built-in and stable enough. This is essential for accessing your multimedia files while been suitable sufficient to make use of all your ports and cable connections.

With great creativity comes excellent functionality, and there is no doubt that we will need the case to protect our phone's body and screen with assurance.

Some phone designs are not sturdy enough to serve some purposes, and you might and to start thinking of other options. This, however, depends on the taste and preference of the user.

Some phones deserve some cases that can serve for a very long time without compromising its quality. When buying a phone case for your smartphone today, never forget to think about the designs and put them into consideration when making the right choice.


Most iPhone users must have already discovered the vast array of colors available for their iPhones. They come in many textures and styles, as well. Green, pink, clear, forest green, black, dragon fruit, red, brown, and cornflower are the list of colors you will find on Apple stores.

There are varieties made from silicon, leather, and rubber textures for comfort and durability while some come in battery case for charging up your device, which you can get in any color of your choice.


The best quality services a product can offer is where the worth lies. When picking out your next phone case with the thought of quality lingering at the back of your mind, you should also know that it still all depends on your taste and budget. 

Leather, rubber, skin, metal, plastic, and fabric are the significant forms of material that are used in the phone case market today. When you hold on to your mobile phone, it will depend on you in determining what kind of texture you require. Every design serves its purpose, and this is paramount in making the right choice for you.

Rubber textures are suitable for absorbing shock, while fabric and silicone are good for a more aesthetic feel. Metal phone cases are used in achieving reliable protection and sturdiness for your phone.

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3 Ways to Make Your Leather Bag Look As Good As New

3 Ways to Make Your Leather Bag Look As Good As New

Leather is almost the most durable material on the market today. These items do not tear up quickly, like others, and can be used for an extended period. Meanwhile, the leather handbag you bought a few years ago is already looking old or unattractive. This situation is a normal phenomenon, and there should be no cause for alarm. Since you made your leather bag a lifetime investment, there are different ways to rebrand and restore its former bright and attractive look. Cleaning is the most common way to make your leather bag look as just bought. However, this post will explain the different ways we can clean the varieties of leather bags we have.

Cleaning your leather bag is simple and easy. This cleaning can be done in your home with just a few materials to use. Here are simple steps to keep your leather bag bright always.

Cleaning a Leather Bag

To clean a leather bag is as easy as using it. You need to first rub the container with a clean cloth for an extended period until it is moist. Meanwhile, you need to make sure that the damp does not get wet. After this, you then clean the bag with a leather bag cleaner you purchase by mixing a few drops of baby soap or dishwashing soap with clean water.

Until the stain is gone away from the bag, you need to continue wiping the stained area with the leather's grain. But need to do this carefully in other to safeguard the design of the leather bag.  A clean or dry fabric should be used to wipe off excess damp away from or soap residue from the bag. Then you can dry the bag for about 30 minutes. It is essential to know that a hairdryer should not be used to clean this bag. If you need to use this bag on time, you can set it in front of your fan to dry off.

Once it is dry, apply the moisturizer on the leather bag by using a soft cloth. This moisturizer should be rubbed in a circular motion in other to brighten up every part of the handbag. Besides keeping the leather bag supple, the moisturizer will also keep it soft and attractive. Meanwhile, it is essential to know that ordinary lotions should not be applied to this bag as it can fade and stain the design of the handbag. Buy your durable leather bags at hardiston.com

Tips on Cleaning a Leather Bag

1. Weekly cleaning of the exterior part

Leather bags are made to look unattractive when exposed to environmental items such as hairsprays or perfumes. Oils on the skin can also make your bag look dull every time. Therefore, you need to clean the exterior part of the bag at least once a week. The steps discussed earlier in this post, you should follow accordingly. This cleaning will make your leather bag look like a brand new one daily.

2. Monthly cleaning of the interior part

Another tip for safeguarding the sleek design of your leather bag is to clean bag's outer part every month. This is because dirty leather bags often produce unattractive smells and can also be as dull as the outer part. Do you use your leather bag more often? Then you need to clean it regularly. To clean the internal part of your leather bag, you need to remove every item away from the bag. After that, you collect the dust from the bag with a vacuum hose or a lint brush. Then, you wash the stains inside it with distilled water and soap. Once cleaned, you will have to let the leather bag dry off for about 30 minutes or more.

3. Heavy stain treatment

Heavy stains are dirt that cannot be easily removed with just water and soap. These stains require extra material and effort to remove them. For instance, you can get rid of ink stains by rubbing the stained area with alcohol using a cotton swab. Until the ink stain has disappeared from the leather bag, you have to continue to rub the alcohol on it. After rubbing the stain, you have to let your leather bag dry off for a long time. Stains from grease can also be removed through this process.  

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Different Types of Phone Cases and Their Special Features

Different Types of Phone Cases and Their Special Features

Mobile phones have become compulsory devices in this era. Everyone uses the phone; sometimes, I wonder how we survived before the invention of this fantastic device. What started as a mere means of communication has vastly extended into a source of entertainment, entrepreneurship, and virtual assistant, among others. While some of these gadgets are affordable, others are expensive; and unfortunately, phones are most often fragile (especially the expensive ones). It is, therefore, imperative that we protect our investment. With constantly arising needs to protect our phones from falls, impacts, fluid exposure, etc. phone cases have become more popular. They come in different sizes, shapes, patterns, colors, and brands. So there is a wide variety to choose from. Some of the most commonly used types of phone cases are:

Fabric Cases

I bet most of you are not aware that there are phone Cases made from fabric. Contrary to what you may be thinking, these cases are usually sturdy and durable, and you are sure going to like it after using one. Although they may not be able to otherworldly withstand intense impact, they can be able to cushion it and prevent your phone for worse damages.

Fabric cases aim to create beauty and aesthetics to the device majorly. Most phone manufacturers in today's market might add one or two fabric cases in the phone box, and this underlines the importance of this item is not only in the tech market but also in the aesthetic and fashion market as a whole.

From denim, Ankara, fine leather, and so much more, phones can now wear their clothes and look smart and tidy.

 Leather cases

This is one of the most frequently used casings. They are beautiful, durable, and ever-classy; they have been known to look better with age. Leather casings are worth every penny spent on them. They also have a good grasp, thereby reducing the risk of falls, accidents, and impacts. Some leather textures can withstand even more substantial effects and damages, water and can also last for so many years too.

With the advent of brilliant technologies and innovations in making good quality leather, most phone users want to hold on to fine leather texture when they grab their phones. Check Hardiston New York leather case collection for iPhone and Samsung smartphones.

 Transparent Cases

These cases are usually made of rubber or silicone; both materials are sound shock absorbers. The translucent property of these casings aids the preservation of the natural beauty and design of the phone. Unfortunately, transparent cases are prone to grease, debris, dirt accumulation, and sometimes age.

There is no doubt about its aesthetics and outfit-matching prowess. Silicon and rubber textures are not as strong and durable as leather, and phone users won’t demand much from it.

It all depends on the taste and mood of the user, but the issues of quality, as well as durability, are no problem for transparent cases as some can last years while also providing the needed functions it is required of.

Wallet cases

These cases can be made from leather or silicone. They have a front flip and strap, making it possible to protect not just the body of the phone, but also the screen. Some of them even have attached pockets where you can safely keep other valuables such as credit cards, ID cards, Business cards, money, keys, amongst others.

Some wallet cases are large enough to contain your mobile device and protect every part from impact, age, fall, and other accidents. 

These are just a few out of the numerous classes of phone casings. When seeking a new phone case for your smartphone today,  it’s imperative to should carry out proper research on the best case for your phone, so it will assure that it meets the needed expectations and provides the required satisfaction that will be worth every penny spent.

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Get the most our of your new iPhone

Get the most our of your new iPhone

iPhone! We all have our reasons for desiring this 21st-century influential device. To some, it is an unwritten criteria/proof for success, while for others, it is their never-ending desire to keep up with the latest trends. The manufacturers of Apple iPhone have not fallen short of expectation, as they are continually flooding the market with new and improved products. These products don't come cheap, but somehow, people are every ready to buy them. So the question is: how can you get the most out of your iPhones?

A lot of iPhone users are yet to discover the full potential of Apple iPhone. To them, it is just an expensive phone with a flashy appearance, a good reputation, and a killer camera. iPhones are more than this; they have so many useful features. Some of these features include:

1. Apple iPhone Home kit.

This Apple Home app for iOS gives you access to control all devices in your home. It allows you to organize and manage your home with the help of Siri. This home kit app plays the role of a universal remote control for all your smart home devices. And the good news is that this remote can control your devices from any distance, even across countries.

2 - iCloud

If you have other Apple products (MacBook, IPads, IPods), then iPhone should be your choice phone. This is because iCloud services allow the automatic and convenient transfer of data between Apple products. And it allows you to have your back-ups seamlessly. There is hardly any other class of gadgets that possess this property.

3 - Siri, The Virtual Assistance

Since the inception of artificial intelligence, virtual assistants are becoming more prominent. Apple iPhone was the first to introduce this intelligent feature. The most popular among this assistant is Siri, which can assist you with so many things, from locating a hair salon, searching out the meaning of words, to opening an app.

It is, therefore, safe to conclude that the real purpose of the Apple iPhone is to give users a fantastic technological experience. Although, some will argue that the overall goal of an iPhone is not the user's benefit but the financial gains of the manufacturer.

4 - Security

There are so many reasons why the iPhone tends to be the first choice of most smartphone users today, and security is one of the top reasons. An iPhone user knows how secures his mobile device is any day, any time.

From passwords to settings and theft, iPhone products give your phone and all its components the needed security you deserve. Apps, settings, passwords, web history, bookmarks, and passwords are all protected from viruses and unknown access too.

5 - Airpods

Yes, I had to come to this. Since the release of the first generation Airpods, it has become nothing but success in terms of sales and user satisfaction.

Despite some complaints here and there, it is safe to conclude that the device is one of the coolest wireless headphones in the global market — no wonder over 60% of the wireless.

Although the Airpods can work with other devices via Bluetooth, the iPhone devices are perfect with it as you can have unlimited access to many more features such as Siri and music app behaviors and functions. You can add style to your Airpods but getting a leather Airpod case for them from Hardiston New York.

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Loved ones, sweetheart, ladies, and concubines alike, welcome to another lecture of the most exciting course this semester, the Man Gifting 101!  It’s another special holiday season looming in the corners, and there are many plans that are sure to pop in our heads.

For those who are seeking the perfect gift for a man that will warm his heart his season, you have come to the right place. In the next few sentences, we are going to be looking at some helpful tips that can help you determine the perfect one!

  • Know his taste- From sporty to artistic presents, you need to know about his taste and preference before thinking of what to buy or make. You can have a raw idea and then build a new one through that information. It works like magic.
  • Timing- You have to know the perfect time to prevent any specific gift. I meant to say that it is a worldwide rule. when you have a better understanding of what time is best to give, it is then easy to discover that the gist will be even more worth it with the execution of the presentation.
  • Don’t try to be perfect- It is a present in the end, and it is the gesture of reminding our loved ones of how the

From trendy, fashionable, sporty, to classy and cute, below is a list of perfect gifts that you can get for a man in 2019;

Men Sunglasses - Check at Amazon.com

Electric Shaver

Leather briefcase

Insulated water bottle


A pair of shorts

Leather Apple Watch bands - Check at Hardiston.com

Cotton Jacket

A Handy Bluetooth Speaker

Ballpoint pen

Genuine Leather Wallet

You can find a wide range of leather products on Hardiston New York, a fashion company in the leather industry.

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