Remarkable phone cases for your new iPhone 11 Series

Our phones are precious to us, and we want to do all we can to protect them from scratches, liquids, or accidental collisions. This is why it is easier to find folks rummaging through eCommerce sites to check out phone cases and sizing up their prices.

The phone case industry is still fast demanding, and there is a good record of significant growth every season. That is why at Hardiston stores, you can get the best leather design you need, and your phone cases will ensure durability and all the quality you deserve. Below is a list of cool cases for your new iPhone.

Detachable Magnetic Wallet Cases

The detachable magnetic design of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro cases are carefully hand-made from genuine leather. They also possess exceptional leather quality and beautifully created for your Apple devices, which comes in many bright and matured color varieties that suit every mood and taste.

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro magnetic wallet cases also have a stand for a hands-free mode, which is built-in and stable enough. This is essential for accessing your multimedia files while been suitable sufficient to make use of all your ports and cable connections.

With great creativity comes excellent functionality, and there is no doubt that we will need the case to protect our phone's body and screen with assurance.

Some phone designs are not sturdy enough to serve some purposes, and you might and to start thinking of other options. This, however, depends on the taste and preference of the user.

Some phones deserve some cases that can serve for a very long time without compromising its quality. When buying a phone case for your smartphone today, never forget to think about the designs and put them into consideration when making the right choice.


Most iPhone users must have already discovered the vast array of colors available for their iPhones. They come in many textures and styles, as well. Green, pink, clear, forest green, black, dragon fruit, red, brown, and cornflower are the list of colors you will find on Apple stores.

There are varieties made from silicon, leather, and rubber textures for comfort and durability while some come in battery case for charging up your device, which you can get in any color of your choice.


The best quality services a product can offer is where the worth lies. When picking out your next phone case with the thought of quality lingering at the back of your mind, you should also know that it still all depends on your taste and budget. 

Leather, rubber, skin, metal, plastic, and fabric are the significant forms of material that are used in the phone case market today. When you hold on to your mobile phone, it will depend on you in determining what kind of texture you require. Every design serves its purpose, and this is paramount in making the right choice for you.

Rubber textures are suitable for absorbing shock, while fabric and silicone are good for a more aesthetic feel. Metal phone cases are used in achieving reliable protection and sturdiness for your phone.

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