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3 Ways to Make Your Leather Bag Look As Good As New

by YUNUS GUZEL on 0 Comments

Leather is almost the most durable material on the market today. These items do not tear up quickly, like others, and can be used for an extended period. Meanwhile, the leather handbag you bought a few years ago is already looking old or unattractive. This situation is a normal phenomenon, and there should be no cause for alarm. Since you made your leather bag a lifetime investment, there are different ways to rebrand and restore its former bright and attractive look. Cleaning is the most common way to make your leather bag look as just bought. However, this post will explain the different ways we can clean the varieties of leather bags we have.

Cleaning your leather bag is simple and easy. This cleaning can be done in your home with just a few materials to use. Here are simple steps to keep your leather bag bright always.

Cleaning a Leather Bag

To clean a leather bag is as easy as using it. You need to first rub the container with a clean cloth for an extended period until it is moist. Meanwhile, you need to make sure that the damp does not get wet. After this, you then clean the bag with a leather bag cleaner you purchase by mixing a few drops of baby soap or dishwashing soap with clean water.

Until the stain is gone away from the bag, you need to continue wiping the stained area with the leather's grain. But need to do this carefully in other to safeguard the design of the leather bag.  A clean or dry fabric should be used to wipe off excess damp away from or soap residue from the bag. Then you can dry the bag for about 30 minutes. It is essential to know that a hairdryer should not be used to clean this bag. If you need to use this bag on time, you can set it in front of your fan to dry off.

Once it is dry, apply the moisturizer on the leather bag by using a soft cloth. This moisturizer should be rubbed in a circular motion in other to brighten up every part of the handbag. Besides keeping the leather bag supple, the moisturizer will also keep it soft and attractive. Meanwhile, it is essential to know that ordinary lotions should not be applied to this bag as it can fade and stain the design of the handbag. Buy your durable leather bags at

Tips on Cleaning a Leather Bag

1. Weekly cleaning of the exterior part

Leather bags are made to look unattractive when exposed to environmental items such as hairsprays or perfumes. Oils on the skin can also make your bag look dull every time. Therefore, you need to clean the exterior part of the bag at least once a week. The steps discussed earlier in this post, you should follow accordingly. This cleaning will make your leather bag look like a brand new one daily.

2. Monthly cleaning of the interior part

Another tip for safeguarding the sleek design of your leather bag is to clean bag's outer part every month. This is because dirty leather bags often produce unattractive smells and can also be as dull as the outer part. Do you use your leather bag more often? Then you need to clean it regularly. To clean the internal part of your leather bag, you need to remove every item away from the bag. After that, you collect the dust from the bag with a vacuum hose or a lint brush. Then, you wash the stains inside it with distilled water and soap. Once cleaned, you will have to let the leather bag dry off for about 30 minutes or more.

3. Heavy stain treatment

Heavy stains are dirt that cannot be easily removed with just water and soap. These stains require extra material and effort to remove them. For instance, you can get rid of ink stains by rubbing the stained area with alcohol using a cotton swab. Until the ink stain has disappeared from the leather bag, you have to continue to rub the alcohol on it. After rubbing the stain, you have to let your leather bag dry off for a long time. Stains from grease can also be removed through this process.  

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