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Different Types of Phone Cases and Their Special Features

by Hardiston New York on 0 Comments

Mobile phones have become compulsory devices in this era. Everyone uses the phone; sometimes, I wonder how we survived before the invention of this fantastic device. What started as a mere means of communication has vastly extended into a source of entertainment, entrepreneurship, and virtual assistant, among others. While some of these gadgets are affordable, others are expensive; and unfortunately, phones are most often fragile (especially the expensive ones). It is, therefore, imperative that we protect our investment. With constantly arising needs to protect our phones from falls, impacts, fluid exposure, etc. phone cases have become more popular. They come in different sizes, shapes, patterns, colors, and brands. So there is a wide variety to choose from. Some of the most commonly used types of phone cases are:

Fabric Cases

I bet most of you are not aware that there are phone Cases made from fabric. Contrary to what you may be thinking, these cases are usually sturdy and durable, and you are sure going to like it after using one. Although they may not be able to otherworldly withstand intense impact, they can be able to cushion it and prevent your phone for worse damages.

Fabric cases aim to create beauty and aesthetics to the device majorly. Most phone manufacturers in today's market might add one or two fabric cases in the phone box, and this underlines the importance of this item is not only in the tech market but also in the aesthetic and fashion market as a whole.

From denim, Ankara, fine leather, and so much more, phones can now wear their clothes and look smart and tidy.

 Leather cases

This is one of the most frequently used casings. They are beautiful, durable, and ever-classy; they have been known to look better with age. Leather casings are worth every penny spent on them. They also have a good grasp, thereby reducing the risk of falls, accidents, and impacts. Some leather textures can withstand even more substantial effects and damages, water and can also last for so many years too.

With the advent of brilliant technologies and innovations in making good quality leather, most phone users want to hold on to fine leather texture when they grab their phones. Check Hardiston New York leather case collection for iPhone and Samsung smartphones.

 Transparent Cases

These cases are usually made of rubber or silicone; both materials are sound shock absorbers. The translucent property of these casings aids the preservation of the natural beauty and design of the phone. Unfortunately, transparent cases are prone to grease, debris, dirt accumulation, and sometimes age.

There is no doubt about its aesthetics and outfit-matching prowess. Silicon and rubber textures are not as strong and durable as leather, and phone users won’t demand much from it.

It all depends on the taste and mood of the user, but the issues of quality, as well as durability, are no problem for transparent cases as some can last years while also providing the needed functions it is required of.

Wallet cases

These cases can be made from leather or silicone. They have a front flip and strap, making it possible to protect not just the body of the phone, but also the screen. Some of them even have attached pockets where you can safely keep other valuables such as credit cards, ID cards, Business cards, money, keys, amongst others.

Some wallet cases are large enough to contain your mobile device and protect every part from impact, age, fall, and other accidents. 

These are just a few out of the numerous classes of phone casings. When seeking a new phone case for your smartphone today,  it’s imperative to should carry out proper research on the best case for your phone, so it will assure that it meets the needed expectations and provides the required satisfaction that will be worth every penny spent.

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