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Organic - certified Organic by an internationally recognised certifying body.


BG-BIO-O2 - This means respecting the principles, rules and requirements of organic farming.


Vegetarian - contains no meat or fish


Vegan - contains no animal products.

Certified Gluten-Free

Certified Gluten-Free - Certified Gluten-Free at less than 10ppm.


Lactose-Free - Contains no lactose.

Wild Growth

Wild Growth - Grown naturally without being planted or cared for by humans.

Halal Certified

Halal Certified - The product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law.

GMO Free

GMO Free - .

Kosher Certified

Kosher Certified - The product checked the products ingredients, production facility and actual production to ensure all ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery have no trace of non-kosher substances.

Laboratory Tested

Laboratory Tested - Verifying that personnel have adequate credentials to practise certain disciplines.

Demeter Award

Demeter Award - Women in Agribusiness Demeter Award of Excellence. The award recognizes those who have achieved excellence in their field or demonstrated an extraordinary contribution to the agribusiness industry.

British Great Taste Award-winner

British Great Taste Award-winner -The awards are given in an annual contest open to food and beverage companies that are producing exceptional products.


MSG-Free - This claim means that the manufacturer has not added MSG into the food.

Laboratory Tested

Lactose-Free - Contains no lactose.

Hardiston Newyork - Blog

How to write a personal diary

How to write a personal diary

As humans, we are complex creatures, and we always want to explore the deepest parts of our feelings. Even though our brain is not capable of carrying a lot of memories along with us as we grow, some thoughts will have to be left to go and never to be found again.

Mostly, many people mitigate this but getting themselves a diary, a book where they can be taking down their experiences, ideas, imaginations, and plans in short and concise wordings of just over a few sentences.

While that might seem all fun, heart-warming, and a little smart, it is imperative to make sure the contents you jot down are useful and beneficial as it gives your diary purpose. It also gives you more space to jot down more amazing thoughts, and feelings which will serve an essential purpose in the future.

Whenever you sit down and begin to flip the pages of your diary, you want every single line your eyes see to feel like it is the first time and like you have never seen it before. It should always be worth the while as everything needs to be smart, tidy and informative to keep you going. And that also means your diary becomes your closest friend.

For the inclined business folks, who need a little book to record his sales and invoice; there are quality diaries made of fine quality material to keep you on the go as well as your plans and schedule.

Below are a few tips o how to sketch out a personal diary schedule that will fit your strengths and developments.

  • It’s crucial to think deeply and search for your inner self and character when trying to schedule a plan that will work in every other aspect of your life. It is also important to brainstorm and come up with better ideas with both creativity and passion. It is also true that anyone who chooses to use the acute guidance of a diary through mind and soul should be ready to expect better results in time management too.
  • Meeting new people, taking a walk into the quiet park, talking to more people, reading more books, and hearing more music can all be part of mental development. It is also favorable access to asking questions and interacting with places and networks of philosophies and thinking that we have never heard about before.

It gives a clear head of what is expected and can no doubt help plan a good future that will be both favorable and achievable.

You can also ask yourself the needed questions and whether you have answers to them or a plan.

  • A plan isn't complete without putting in it into the paper. We are all treated to a better view sight of what to expect, and it is also a good avenue in learning progress.
  • You need also to have the perfect formats from your toolbox. It is essential to know what works for you best to survive a long walk towards achieving your dreams and objectives. This can be d highlighted through time, habit, practice, and consistency. It is easier to take on a journey through a road map entirely made by you while understanding your actions better.
  • You can also distinguish your plans and schedules into a handful of different varieties. Here, you can learn the difference and how to be able to use that as a yardstick in measuring personal development. It is paramount to compare and contrast two different formats you use to know what works best for you.
  • Also, take it easy in yourself when tackling specific issues. Yes, it is important to always be ready with your head high and always to be a minute ahead. We can take our time when planning our time and schedules. When writing in your diary, makes sure to still be in the best mental state. This is helpful in achieving a better chance of reaching the required results.
  • Drink more water, get more sleep, take more mental courses, eat more this, eat less that. Make sure you have more fun and relax more often. Chill out with friends and talk to more people. The brain always needs to stay refreshed and relaxed for more extended periods.
  • Fix in more dates on your schedules so you can look back in time and recognize your development. This can also be a good additive for inspirations and a better way of identifying both your strengths and weaknesses.

To check the hand-crafter leather journals, visit Hardiston New York and make your diaries even more special.

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How to clean leather your leather without damaging

How to clean leather your leather without damaging

Known to be linked with the protein skin, the disintegration of melanin during the manufacturing process can be achieved by oxidizing and reducing agents. Also, there is the use of suitable enzymes to accomplish this degradation process.

Using Xylanase

Given the type of matter present in the melanin layers like the glycans components, the removal can be also be made possible as a result of the action of a substance called Xylanase.

This xylanase substance is classified as catalytic due to its activity and nature, which is being owed to its double-placement mechanism. The material hydrolyzes the xylose, which is the source of Xylanase.

During the opening of the fiber for Melanin removal, it is discovered that there is a presence of amylase which assist the Xylanase during production and serves as a similar mechanism. Both mechanisms must work together to separate the protein and carbohydrate linkages while catalyzing the hydrolysis linkages of glycans.

However, these removal processes mostly result in poor condition of the surface, and expert knowledge is imperative in assuring a tidy and excellent production process. Due to the environmental Pollution and hazard that leather making can impose, ecological regulation has insisted that leather industries must adopt cleaner, safer, and greener means.

Computer Hypothesis

Also, adopting computer hypothesis and approach, other enzymes for the pre-tanning process are being taken into consideration, and these processes reach a success rate of 0.5% for total melanin removal. The fiber opening sequence reads at 0.3%.

Hardiston stores adopt only the best quality of leather for every product available to ensure the much-needed quality in all products.

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The difference between Airpod PRO and other Bluetooth earphones?

The difference between Airpod PRO and other Bluetooth earphones?

The technological achievement of Apple products has been nothing but staggering over the years. With the announcement of the iPhone 7, Apple released the amazing Airpod device with a brand new idea for audio jacks.

Reviewing the new Apple Airpods, there are so many things to discover in the latest technology. It has indeed forever changed the concept of headphones into a new dimension. Here is the list of all the significant sensors present in the device;

  • Dual optical sensors
  • Motion-detection accelerometer
  • Speech-detection accelerometer
  • Dual beam-forming microphone

As you pull out the tools from the case, you are automatically connected to the audio feature of your Apple devices such as Mac iPhones, iPad, and Apple Watch. The sound sequence also pauses when you take them off your ears. It doesn't stop there. You can also access song skipping, volumes, calls, and directions by just double-tapping to activate the Siri feature for help.

This happens as a result of the astute Apple W1 embedded into the device, which allows for optical and motion sensors. With the accelerometer, your ears can detect your ears and make the designated functions without you doing much.

Another action the Apple W1 chip does in the Airpods is the activation of the microphone when any of the ears are plugged in, and background noises are being filtered out to enable better sound transmission. An additional accelerometer is present to work with the microphone to give your voice the desired focus when you speak.

Also, the dynamic power optimization of the W1 chip helps give the Apple Airpods a 5-hour battery life and 15 minutes of charging time.

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What is the new technology used in the leather industry?

What is the new technology used in the leather industry?

As the technological advancement of leather production continues to improve with the passing years, it is paramount to know how far it has come. It is said that almost 4 million across the globe are connected to leather manufacturing and production and is said to increase to outstanding figures soon.

These are a result of the plans that have been made to ensure to improve the qualities of leather, which are used in making many finished products that matter in our day-to-day activities. Examples are leather gloves, phone cases, travel boxes, watches, shoes, and clothing.


Scientists have also claimed that with the new advent of these new ideas and innovations for ensuring maximum leather productivity across the globe, many impending issues can be solved, and game-changing concepts can also be improved drastically. A very sound example of the problems as mentioned above is that it is one of the significant pollution agents in the world given its high use in demand; hence, the endless making of it.

There are numerous means of achieving maximum leather production, and the technology applied to make the process reality is what we will have a glance at. The use of animals and livestock for leather making has become a prominent technological innovation by private companies as well as government organizations. Despite its advantages, it has also been classified to be a threat to climate change.

Agriculture has now become a very active player in the causes of greenhouse gases and desertification. Also, it consumes nearly 90% of the water supply in most parts of the USA.


Another technology applied is "chrome," which is the method of tanning leather during the manufacturing process.  This process, also known as the WLCT (Waterless Chrome Tanning Technology), was developed by Central Leather Institute (CLRI) in Chennai, India.

Here, the water and the chrome substance are reduced to ensure tidier manufacturing processes. There is also a chance of better quality many times superior to the leather produced through the normal process.

With the presence of CLRI training centers and sound training of numerous students, the future of leather making is heading towards the right direction in ensuring quality and reliability in modern-day products. Mechanisms have also been put to place to add more facilities and training to the ones currently on the ground.

 Enzymatic Dehairing and Fibre Opening

Recent studies have shown how calfskins of Northern Indian cattle tend to have very stubborn pigments for removal in leather making. Aside from the Indian animals, many of the species have also been proven to face the same issue.

These calfskins have a higher form of melanin concentration, and a more elevated amount of enzymatic dehairing needs to be applied. These processes have also needed standardization through various tests and methods.

With dip and pile method, drum method, and grain side application, all necessary means to actualize melanin removal has been taken to new heights. Aside from that, it has made the manufacturing process more difficult, time-consuming, and costly, and that is why the dehairing method is one of the most sought-after melanin removal techniques.

With the presence of a compound called eumelanin, the skin absorption maxima of the chemicals extracted is shown to be on a very high level and underlines that melanin is the result of enzymatic dehairing and fiber opening.

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How to use Airpods with non-apple devices

How to use Airpods with non-apple devices

Given the innovation by Apple to eradicate the use of audio jacks and introducing Airpods, the latest Apple mobile products do not come with any space whatsoever with an audio jack space anymore.

While many have complained about losing their Airpods quickly because it is well, easy to lose, some others have lauded the new design and amazing features that are available for iPhone users of 7 and above. This is why over 60% of the global market on wireless headphones is the Airpods.

With the latest installation and features, many issues were addressed, including the battery capacity on idle mode. Many users claimed that their Airpods tend to reduce in total, almost 30% of battery life when on idle mode.

It was quite apparent that this was taking into consideration with subsequent updates as other impending issues noticed about the connection was looked into as well.

However, the reliable background noise filtration and built-in microphones, are none of the critical components that underlines the cutting edge technology of the Apple Airpods. Each Airpod weighs about 4 grams while the charging case measures at 38 grams only. The charging time of the device is about five hours, with over three hours of time usage.

With two generations already released, it is safe t say that the Apple Airpods are here to stay. The charging case costs about $80 on separate purchases and also works flawlessly with Airpods.

You can now order the Airpods separately and have access to your multimedia world of sound and other functions. However, despite been mainly created for Apple devices alone, you can connect and use your Airpods for even non-apple devices on the go.

By connecting to a Bluetooth network, your Airpods can now become your new Bluetooth headset. Although you cannot use Siri, you can only be able to listen and talk. To achieve this, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Using your Android or Windows device, open the Settings app under the Bluetooth window and ensure that the Bluetooth feature is already switched on. Settings>Connections>Bluetooth.
  • While your pods are still inside the charging case, open the lid of the charging case of your Airpod device.
  • Press and then hold the setup button located at the back of the case.
  • Release the button when the status light turns flashes to white.
  • Select your Airpods when they appear in the list of Bluetooth devices. Make sure your Bluetooth device on your pairing device is also turned on.

So yes, you can use your Apple Airpods to connect to even non-apple devices. The Airpods 2 currently costs $159, and Airpods 3 Pro for a bit higher. And if you already have an Airpod, no doubt you want to protect them in a well-made case. At Hardiston New York, you can find leather Airpod cases in a wide range of colors. A lot can be said about Airpods durability, and that is one of the most must-have items on the shopping list of many smartphone users around the globe.

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Tips for Choosing a Stylish Apple Watch Band

Tips for Choosing a Stylish Apple Watch Band

Mostly when you want to purchase a watch, the appearance of the watch band matters more than the watch itself. This is mainly because with the existence of smartphones, watches no longer play their primary role of telling us the time but rather, they give us an ornamental value, just like a regular bracelet. An attractive watchband is all you want. So, how do you find a classy watchband? Is it possible to find a beautiful and elegant watchband? These are a few examples of typical questions present in the mind of the purchaser. Hardiston offers a solution to this by providing the best of leather accessories and the most attractive watchbands, especially for Apple Watch series.

What are the types of watch bands in the market?

Normal leather strap. This is a classy and elegant strap with the design of an incredibly smooth surface. The strap is best suited as a watchband for casual wear without seemingly being too shouty or attracting attention with their mode of dressing. The inner side of the strap is made in two different ways. One might have extra padding from the inside while the other might be designed with a silky soft touch. You may have a look at our collection here.

Stitched leather strap. This particular design is similar to the normal leather strap only that the band has stitches at its sides, which makes the strap look a bit more casual. This is absolutely the best choice of the strap when wearing casual jeans. If you are looking for something to put on with casual clothing, this is the one.

Exotic grained leather strap. This is another very unique design. The design represents the best formal wear. They are the best to wear in white-collar attires. This represents what to wear in the office or your workplace. It’s designed to match the professional you are.

Double ridged strap. This one is specially designed using the technique of putting in narrow padding inside the straps. This makes in protruding. This results in a strap with more style and unique features. The style in this band is admirable to both ladies and men.

Rally strap. This style contains large perforations. Most come in form of largely perforated leather, a design that adds on to their elegance and beauty. If you want a watchband that matches well with any casual outfit, this is definitely tailor-made for you.

What Are the Steps to Guide You in Choosing the Best Watchband?

Choose your best appearance - This could be inspired by your favorite color, your favorite padding style, perforations or any feature that makes up the appearance. Figure out what can match with your outfit and select your best choice. This is the point to imagine how you will look like with that strap in your arm.

Measure your size - You got to make sure that the watchband can fit your arm. Make sure you have a sizeable strap that fits your purpose. This matters to you more than anyone else.

Leather should be your choice – Bands made of leather are durable. You don’t want to pay for a strap the gets worn out after a short time. Choose the best leather.

Consider quality over price – Quality should be your first guiding principle. Always be willing to dig a little bit more into your pocket in order to get the best product. This will assure you the style you want in order to bring out the gentleman you are.

With this in mind, you have the confidence to choose what is best for you. Our watch bands are created in many designs, colors and a variety of materials. Always follow the guide above to make a choice and get the one that matches your preference. We have something for everyone in today’s market place. Watchbands represent our best assortments of what we sell and the best in the world. For a very long time, the watchbands have been made in one form. Hardiston is the leader in bringing up highly sophisticated forms of these kinds of accessories. Get value for your money, in your right shape and form.

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Why apple devices are always best seller in the market?

Why apple devices are always best seller in the market?

Founded in 1976 in California, America, Apple is a world-renowned American technology company. Producing a wide variety of devices, Apple is considered one of the best among the big tech companies: Google, Amazon, and Facebook. This company produces both hardware and software products. Hardware devices from Apple include the iPad, the Apple TV digital media player, the iPod, Apple Watch, the HomePod smart speaker, the Mac personal computer, and the Airpods wireless earbuds. Products such as iOS, macOS, watchOS, the iTunes media player, tvOS, the Shazam acoustic fingerprint utility, among others, are examples of Apple software products. 

By reinventing the MP3 player as, following by the iPhone, the brand has become a leading consumer electronics company in the industry. Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak founded Apple. The period from 1991 to 1997 is known to be an era of decline, confusion, and restructuring for Apple. The manufacturer invested enormous resources in the problem-plagued Newton division that was caused by John Sculley’s unrealistic market forecasts.  

By 2007, Apple already returned to its profitable status. Now it is one of the world’s most valuable companies. For the 2018 fiscal year, it was estimated that Apple earned over $265 billion. Why is Apple the best seller of both hardware and software products? Here are a few unique features about Apple!


One of the unique features of Apple devices is its usability. You don’t have to struggle for a long time before you can operate iPhones or iMac. The icons are accurate and easy to understand. The adornments, on the other hand, are appropriate and unique. Without seeing the screen, Apple devices let you write error-free email and text. Since it is easy to operate, many users prefer to opt-in for Apple products than others from their competitors. 


Apple’s high-quality makes it one of the leading consumer electronics in the industry. Even though it has been in existence for over forty years, Apple is known to have manufactured a plethora of devices which have won the heart of many users. Apple is one of the best companies that produce mobile phones with high-resolution cameras. For instance, iPhone 8 Plus was one of the first phones that has large dual rear camera sensors with a higher-resolution display. And now iPhone 11 has the highest-quality video in a smartphone compared to other manufacturers on the market today. It also has a battery that works for an extended period. 


macOS and iOS are produced on a UNIX foundation. This process makes them robust and at the same time, products from Apple are perfect for any office environment, reliable and secured. Most of the Apple devices are manufactured with fingerprint to unlock your device or face ID. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your device. Likewise, Apple’s software products are updated from time-to-time. 

Compatibility and Portability

Apple’s product is built to correctly work with other devices. Besides, the devices support the most popular wireless networks and VPN. Whenever a user switches from using another device to Apple, the data are easily moved with built-in migration from Android or Windows.


Before Apple’s products are put out for sales, they undergo tests using methods that are widely known in the world in a reliable testing lab. This action assures you that the device you are buying would last you for years. To protect its devices and products from harmful viruses, Apple regularly updates software. All these features made Apple devices a better choice among its competitors. 

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Lady's Guide to Exclusive Leather Accessories

Lady's Guide to Exclusive Leather Accessories

            Leather fashion for women is a unique must-have product, and these valuables are less likely to miss in the closet of a classy, beauty-conscious lady. As fashion trends move in haste, leather accessories have witnessed a constant, unchanging demand signifying a symbol of value and preference to any lady who wants to feel extraordinary or be associated with a noble lifestyle. Leather accessories in ladies can match any occasion or dress code. This makes them suitable for use either individually or as a combination to improve the overall beauty of a woman. The fact is, leather accessories for ladies will always be trendy and fashionable, and they will for long be seen as a representation of the class. In the list outlined below, we provide you with the most fashionable, attractive, elegant and stylish leather accessories for ladies that are available today. Best of these accessories can be sourced from Hardiston New York.

Leather Wallets for Ladies

            A lady’s wallet is a fantastic asset for her everyday use. What this means is that wallets are more of basic necessity and not an option or an accessory, but seemingly a measure of class. A closer look will lead you to an observation that whatever a woman carries in her hand is an additive to her outfit and can either complement or be a detractor to her overall attractiveness.

            Demand for leather wallets becomes more whenever a lady deems the product relevant for her work, meetings or professional life. Having your documents held in a leather wallet is a clear indication that you take the best care for them. Leather is durable. Having a leather wallet ensures that your possessions are kept safe for an extended period, insurance against physical damage.

 Leather Phone Cases

            A phone case is one of the most sought-after leather accessories among phone users, and this is for one noble reason. In terms of the fabric, leather is the most durable material, and this pre-qualifies it as the best guard to an asset that most people value the most. In today's world, much of the most critical information people keep is stored on their phones. For this reason, this is an asset to guard against any sought of incident or accident.

            Your phone is arguably the item you hold the highest number of times in your day. You want it to withstand scratches, friction, accidental falls, cracks, and anything that might distort its good appearance.

Luxury Leather Watch Straps

            You need a watch strap that doesn’t cut off after a small or medium energy stretch. With this in mind, nothing beats leather material in offering your watch a durable strap to keep it on your arm for long. In addition to this, your arm requires a strain-free luxury every time you have a watch around it. Leather offers a robust solution.

            A metal strap will never demonstrate the best level of style or casual elegance compared to a leather strap. I find this the best way to complement your outfit, your hand wallet or your belt.

Passport Cover

            How many passport holders have you owned in the past? Probably more than you should have had. A quick solution would be that you need a durable holder to enclose this valuable asset. Keeping your passport in the best condition for a long time is crucial. A silky and soft place to keep it provides the best media to assure durability. The best thing is that you can combine the strength of leather with a fashionable quality of style.

Women's Leather Bracelet

            Bracelets are one of the most popular accessories among women’s beauty collections. Leather as a fabric has had a considerable role to play in making bracelets.  Today, bracelets made of leather are one of the most attractive accessories to wear as a woman. Just like in the watch strap, you use a leather bracelet to bolster attractiveness. This is one way of bringing out a trendy outfit or classy fashion.

            In conclusion, we have many leather products, each carrying a unique role. However, what matters most is that each leather product for ladies is aimed at improving her looks and attractiveness. By using them, we’ve got to see this. This might seem like a secondary purpose but realistically, looking good in a woman comes ahead of everything else.

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Leather Accessories Every Man Should Have

Leather Accessories Every Man Should Have

When you talk of men’s style, you can’t avoid bringing leather outfit into place. As the seasons' pass, trends elapse, and new styles come into the market, men’s leather products have maintained their popularity as a symbol of top-class social status. This indicates that men’s fashion will not be separated from leather, which is one of the most expensive materials that can be used for any accessories. It is important to note that leather products will not only serve as essential attires for men but also a measure of good appearance. In the section below, we elaborate on some essential leather accessories that will make a man outstanding and demonstrate his attractiveness.

Leather Watch Bands

A leather watch has always been a fashion on-demand and a clear way to show off your class on top of any dress code, attire, or occasion. It is crucial to note that the watch’s primary role of informing on time has continually been replaced by smartphone device technology. However, a watch remains a valuable asset to keep simply because of its attractiveness. To build upon this factor, a leather watch strap offers the most attractive option for your watch. Today, a leather watch stands out as a top-ranked, most purchased men’s accessory.

Bifold Wallet

            The design of a bifold wallet for men combines its functionality with an attractive appearance. First of all, its ease of access ensures that one can put their cards, money and other assets in order. Since they are made of leather adds some class to this easy functionality keeping the wallet to a class of its own. Is there a man who doesn’t use a wallet? Majority does. And the majority will tell you the most significant reason they would choose a leather wallet today is appearance. I do own one, and to me, a wallet is more of a man’s style than a carriage tool.

Leather Keychain

            First, everyone dislikes the hustle of losing a single key. One dominant character in men is that they tend to hook keys against their belts or trousers. But whichever way you choose, a key chain becomes an essential tool in connecting your keys to your key ring. Tough fabric is needed to hold the keys, and a leather key chain provides a durable option that helps keep your keys in good order and prevent constant drop-off. In addition to this primary role of a key ring, a leather material offers an excellent appearance to your keys. This leather material can as well be used to complement your outfit.

Genuine Leather Phone Cases

Probably every man who owns a phone will require a cover for protection. This ranks the phone cover as one of the most marketed products alongside the chain of phone selling. So, what makes a leather phone cover the best accessory in this line? First, in terms of the material, leather is the most durable. Men value durability. This pre-qualifies it as the best protection to an asset that most men cannot do without.

            With the view of the number of times you get hold to your phone every day, you want it to withstand scratches, friction, accidental falls, cracks, and anything that might distort its proper appearance. A leather case becomes the best option and can easily be fabricated to complement fashion and class.

 Leather Made Messenger Bags

            Most men love leather bags, mainly because of the durability of the material. The undeniable fact is that men need bags in almost all their activities. So, what makes leather the best material for making messenger bags for men to use? Most men often carry tools for work. If someone, for example, is a computer geek, a laptop becomes the essential tool carried by them. Such a tool would be best carried in a leather made messenger bag because of reasons such as waterproof and shockproof qualities of leather.


            In conclusion, if we could consider a variety of different fabrics, leather will always be the best option for men. This could be for style, class, functionality, or ease of use. All these preconditions often end up at leather as the best choice to point at. If you need some excellent and classy leather accessories to help improve your strong desires, Hardiston New York leads the pack as a provider for the best accessories.

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How to choose the perfect watch brand for every outfit?

How to choose the perfect watch brand for every outfit?

Are you in a state of a dilemma on which watch will match your outfit you plan to wear for a friend’s bachelor party? This post is a must-read for you. Aside from that that matching a watch to your outfit can be a bit difficult, it can also be comfortable at the same time. Since men, most of the time, possess more than a single watch, to select the perfect one for an outfit can be difficult. Although a watch can be a small accessory that people often give little or no attention, it can either make you attractive or shabby. Therefore, whenever you want to match an outfit with a watch brand, here are some fits tips to know!

Formality Vs. Formality

One of the most principles of matching a watch brand with an outfit is to be sure of the fashion of the outfit. Formal or business dresses are best used alongside formal watches. That is, an outfit with a black-tie function requires a simple dress watch. If you are putting on a navy or black suit, matching it with a silver or gold case will be 100% unique! Meanwhile, you must be sure that the watch has a leather strap.

Casual Dress

Unlike other outfits, pairing a watch with a casual dress can be a bit difficult. Once he saw a man with a suit lifting his hand to check the time on a G-shock watch. It sounds absurd, right? While watches for formal events have a strap, the ones for a less formal occasion are often made with metal bands. Therefore, if you are in search of a watch to wear at casual events, watches without straps are the best model for you.

These watches match a collared shirt or T-shirt, boots, jeans are other casual dresses entirely. However, some men still prefer to wear leather-strapped watches on casual occasions as they are versatile and user-friendly.

Sport Watches

Even though watch band for casual events and the band for sport have similar features, these two events are different, and they have different watches meant for them. One similar major feature between these two events is that their watch band are both larger compared to a business or formal dress watch. Unlike casual watches, switching metal for a leather strap can be a wrong idea.

It is essential to know that watches for sports require no elegant timepiece or design. The most important features should be durability. You must be sure that the dial, case, and strap are made from sturdy material that makes them durable. Therefore, straps in darker or metal color and neutral colors are the best options for you if you are planning to pair a sports watch with a casual dress.

Leather vs. Leather

Another essential tip to know before matching a watch band with your outfit is the material in which the watch is made from. Often, watchband with a leather strap is suitable for shoes with leather material and color. That is, to match your outfit with your watch, you must first match your shoes with your belt. So, if your shoes are leather made, your belt must also be made from leather material. After that, you pair your watch band with the two items.

For instance, if you are putting on a black belt and shoes on your outfit, a black watchband should be matched with these two items. On the other hand, a brown belt and shoes on your outfit should be pair with a brown watch band. Likewise, brown or black belts and shoes can also be paired with silver and gold straps. For your high-quality leather watch bands, visit Hardiston New York today!

Metal vs. Metal

Matching the metal case of the watch, especially the frame around the face with another metal material is another tip to perfectly pairing your outfit with your watch band. Titanium, steel, silver, and gold are the metals used to make the watch case. Also, the finish of the watch case can be inlaid with jewels crystals or can be patterned, shiny, or Metta. Likewise, the shapes of the case can be round, polygonal, rectangular, or square.

Therefore, if you are putting on a gold watchband, you must make sure that other accessories such as the ring are made of gold.  Other pieces of jewelry, such as shoe buckles, cuff links, buckles on the back of your waistcoat, should be considered.

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Essential tips to buy excellent wallet for every event

Essential tips to buy excellent wallet for every event

Are you in search of an excellent wallet to buy for your cousin's birthday coming up next week? This post is a must-read for you. Purchasing a high-quality wallet can be a tricky task. This is because there are a plethora of wallets on the shelves today. These wallets have different shapes, designs, and colors that make it difficult to differentiate a model from the other. However, there are some features you should look for and some features to consider before purchasing a wallet for every event. Some of these factors include:

Type of Wallet

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a quality wallet for every occasion is the variety of the purse. Let us find a few types of wallets for men.

Bifold Wallet

Although this kind of wallet has been in existence for an extended period, it is one of the best and popular models on the market today. Besides having an attractive design, this wallet is also long and thin. It is designed to be kept in suit pockets and jackets. Unlike other units, this American style wallet comes with a large compartment and at the same time, does not require a lot of stress to fold. Are you in search of a relative large wallet that can keep banknotes and documents without the need to wrap it? This model is what you are looking for.

Bifold wallet is portable and can easily be carried around from one place to another. It is a perfect choice for travelers who loves to attend different occasions. Another feature that makes this product unique is that it has a plethora of compartments for moving your items. With this unit, you will enjoy the smooth movement of SIM cards, credit cards, and passport. For your unique bifold wallets, visit Hardiston New York’s best selling wallets today!

Trifold Wallet

Trifold wallet is another unique model you would love to have. Like the Bifold wallet, this unit has a lot of components to keep your items safe. Likewise, it is an excellent option for men who are in search of a quality wallet to fit their smaller pockets. Meanwhile, it is essential to know the brand of the wallet you are buying. This idea helps you get the unit that best fits your bills and banknote of your region. Therefore, features such as origin or country, units of measurement, etc. should be looking for.


Choosing the right size of a wallet does not only make you attractive but also portable. The size of a wallet is an essential factor to consider when buying a quality wallet for every occasion. The first thing to know before taking any step is that men's wallets come in different sizes. These sizes range from small, medium to large. Therefore, if you are purchasing a wallet to keep a lot of items, a large model can do this for you. However, the only downside with large wallets is that they make you look chubby. Also, large make your pocket trouser look unfashionable and unattractive. We have a wide range of wallet sizes you are looking for at hardiston.com.

So, the best way to enjoy using your wallet is to buy a portable model and only carry essential items. Some items are not for day to day activities. These items can be removed to give you an outstanding look when moving with the wallet.

Furthermore, the fashion style of your trousers is another essential factor to consider. This helps you choose the model that perfectly suits your pants. With adequate knowledge of your pocket size, you can quickly identify and buy the wallet that would fit it perfectly.


The material in which your wallet is made from is another vital factor to consider when choosing a quality wallet for every event. Although there are a lot of articles on the market today, leather is the most important of these materials. This is why men often opt-in for leather wallets as it is believed to be the only wallet material on the market.

However, it is to be known that every design comes with its unique material. So, you can be sure that there are a hundred of thousands of men's wallet to buy. For instance, the leather wallet is a perfect choice for men with white-collar jobs. Other men with blue-collar jobs can consider going for material such as polyester, canvas, cotton, and many others. Shop Hardiston New York today for your high-quality wallets.

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How did leather started to be used

How did leather started to be used

Leather is often regarded as one of the evidence of human resourcefulness and ingenuity. Apart from the fact that this material has played an essential role in the advancement of human civilization, it is also known to have recorded 25% part of clothing. According to researches, there is no era in which leather is not used as a design and fashion.

Leather, like other materials in the world, has an interesting and antiquated history. Leather making is one oldest human operations. When compared to silk, wool, or cotton, leather has a very long history. For instance, while silk production began in 3000 BCE, wool began in 10,000 BEC, and cotton began in 5000 BCE. Meanwhile, leather making has been in practice for more than 7000 years.

During the classical period, our early ancestors hunt an animal for food to survive. The skin extracted from the animal was the use to make cloth for protection, footwear for smooth movement, and crude tents for shelters. Although our ancestor gives more attention to the food they get from these animals rather than the skin, era around 13,000 serves as a period of reformation. During this period, our progenitors began to value animal skins compared to the food by-product. After this period, the man started to find different methods of preserving their animal skins.

Most of the methods used at this time were traditional and were often passed from father to son through many generations. Although there were many methods used by our ancestors, the most important of them is the vegetable tanning. Ancient Hebrew settlers and Egyptians discovered this system by 400 BCE. This method involves drying of the fresh skin in the sun. And is it later soften by pounding in animal brains and fast. Afterward, it is preserved by smoking and salting the skin.

The Greeks discovered the tanning formulas with the use of tree barks and leaves, which are soaked to preserve the leather. The discovery was made around 500 B.C when Greece developed leather making as a great trade. This advancement later spread to Rome, where military weapons such as saddles, harness, and shields as well as clothes and footwear.

Another era in which leather has a significant role in the development of human civilization was during the Middle Ages. During this period, the Arabs were known for the preservation of the art of leather making. For instance, Morocco and Cordovan recorded a high level of turn-out in leather production. Products such as dining chairs became the cover of choice as it is easy to maintain.

With the growth of industrialization in the 18th and 19th centuries, there was a change in the demand for leather from the classic varieties of leather to the modern one as the old vegetable-tanned was not only thick but also hard for the new needs. Therefore, there was a considerable increase for softer, portable footwear with a sleek design. As a result of this, machines that perform unhairing, fleshing, and splitting was developed to meet these new demands.

Later the chrome tanning that requires the use of chemicals was introduced as an alternative for the old vegetable tanning. The development of the use of chromium eliminates all the manufacturing processes that require the use of traditional vegetable tanning. This method makes chemicals that replace all these processes.

Besides using the leather to produce footwear, clothes sandal, bags, military weapons, it is also used for bookbinding as it was popular during the Victorian time. For instance, the leather was used to immortalize Novels of famous authors that include Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde. Today, the edition which has been immortalized now enjoyed a high level of readers and ratings.

In our world today, leather continues to play a significant role in marine applications, aviation, automotive as well as in commercial and residential furniture. The aesthetics and uniqueness of leathers have been dramatically enhanced by the sophisticated and chemical methods of producing them. Hardly can you find any home without a piece of furniture or material made from leather. Thus, leather making has contributed immensely to the advancement of human civilization, and it would continue to be essential in daily human life as there has been no replacement for the benefits derived from leather!

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