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Organic - certified Organic by an internationally recognised certifying body.


BG-BIO-O2 - This means respecting the principles, rules and requirements of organic farming.


Vegetarian - contains no meat or fish


Vegan - contains no animal products.

Certified Gluten-Free

Certified Gluten-Free - Certified Gluten-Free at less than 10ppm.


Lactose-Free - Contains no lactose.

Wild Growth

Wild Growth - Grown naturally without being planted or cared for by humans.

Halal Certified

Halal Certified - The product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law.

GMO Free

GMO Free - .

Kosher Certified

Kosher Certified - The product checked the products ingredients, production facility and actual production to ensure all ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery have no trace of non-kosher substances.

Laboratory Tested

Laboratory Tested - Verifying that personnel have adequate credentials to practise certain disciplines.

Demeter Award

Demeter Award - Women in Agribusiness Demeter Award of Excellence. The award recognizes those who have achieved excellence in their field or demonstrated an extraordinary contribution to the agribusiness industry.

British Great Taste Award-winner

British Great Taste Award-winner -The awards are given in an annual contest open to food and beverage companies that are producing exceptional products.


MSG-Free - This claim means that the manufacturer has not added MSG into the food.

Laboratory Tested

Lactose-Free - Contains no lactose.

Lady's Guide to Exclusive Leather Accessories

Lady's Guide to Exclusive Leather Accessories

            Leather fashion for women is a unique must-have product, and these valuables are less likely to miss in the closet of a classy, beauty-conscious lady. As fashion trends move in haste, leather accessories have witnessed a constant, unchanging demand signifying a symbol of value and preference to any lady who wants to feel extraordinary or be associated with a noble lifestyle. Leather accessories in ladies can match any occasion or dress code. This makes them suitable for use either individually or as a combination to improve the overall beauty of a woman. The fact is, leather accessories for ladies will always be trendy and fashionable, and they will for long be seen as a representation of the class. In the list outlined below, we provide you with the most fashionable, attractive, elegant and stylish leather accessories for ladies that are available today. Best of these accessories can be sourced from Hardiston New York.

Leather Wallets for Ladies

            A lady’s wallet is a fantastic asset for her everyday use. What this means is that wallets are more of basic necessity and not an option or an accessory, but seemingly a measure of class. A closer look will lead you to an observation that whatever a woman carries in her hand is an additive to her outfit and can either complement or be a detractor to her overall attractiveness.

            Demand for leather wallets becomes more whenever a lady deems the product relevant for her work, meetings or professional life. Having your documents held in a leather wallet is a clear indication that you take the best care for them. Leather is durable. Having a leather wallet ensures that your possessions are kept safe for an extended period, insurance against physical damage.

 Leather Phone Cases

            A phone case is one of the most sought-after leather accessories among phone users, and this is for one noble reason. In terms of the fabric, leather is the most durable material, and this pre-qualifies it as the best guard to an asset that most people value the most. In today's world, much of the most critical information people keep is stored on their phones. For this reason, this is an asset to guard against any sought of incident or accident.

            Your phone is arguably the item you hold the highest number of times in your day. You want it to withstand scratches, friction, accidental falls, cracks, and anything that might distort its good appearance.

Luxury Leather Watch Straps

            You need a watch strap that doesn’t cut off after a small or medium energy stretch. With this in mind, nothing beats leather material in offering your watch a durable strap to keep it on your arm for long. In addition to this, your arm requires a strain-free luxury every time you have a watch around it. Leather offers a robust solution.

            A metal strap will never demonstrate the best level of style or casual elegance compared to a leather strap. I find this the best way to complement your outfit, your hand wallet or your belt.

Passport Cover

            How many passport holders have you owned in the past? Probably more than you should have had. A quick solution would be that you need a durable holder to enclose this valuable asset. Keeping your passport in the best condition for a long time is crucial. A silky and soft place to keep it provides the best media to assure durability. The best thing is that you can combine the strength of leather with a fashionable quality of style.

Women's Leather Bracelet

            Bracelets are one of the most popular accessories among women’s beauty collections. Leather as a fabric has had a considerable role to play in making bracelets.  Today, bracelets made of leather are one of the most attractive accessories to wear as a woman. Just like in the watch strap, you use a leather bracelet to bolster attractiveness. This is one way of bringing out a trendy outfit or classy fashion.

            In conclusion, we have many leather products, each carrying a unique role. However, what matters most is that each leather product for ladies is aimed at improving her looks and attractiveness. By using them, we’ve got to see this. This might seem like a secondary purpose but realistically, looking good in a woman comes ahead of everything else.

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