The difference between Airpod PRO and other Bluetooth earphones?

The technological achievement of Apple products has been nothing but staggering over the years. With the announcement of the iPhone 7, Apple released the amazing Airpod device with a brand new idea for audio jacks.

Reviewing the new Apple Airpods, there are so many things to discover in the latest technology. It has indeed forever changed the concept of headphones into a new dimension. Here is the list of all the significant sensors present in the device;

  • Dual optical sensors
  • Motion-detection accelerometer
  • Speech-detection accelerometer
  • Dual beam-forming microphone

As you pull out the tools from the case, you are automatically connected to the audio feature of your Apple devices such as Mac iPhones, iPad, and Apple Watch. The sound sequence also pauses when you take them off your ears. It doesn't stop there. You can also access song skipping, volumes, calls, and directions by just double-tapping to activate the Siri feature for help.

This happens as a result of the astute Apple W1 embedded into the device, which allows for optical and motion sensors. With the accelerometer, your ears can detect your ears and make the designated functions without you doing much.

Another action the Apple W1 chip does in the Airpods is the activation of the microphone when any of the ears are plugged in, and background noises are being filtered out to enable better sound transmission. An additional accelerometer is present to work with the microphone to give your voice the desired focus when you speak.

Also, the dynamic power optimization of the W1 chip helps give the Apple Airpods a 5-hour battery life and 15 minutes of charging time.

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