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How to use Airpods with non-apple devices

by Hardiston New York on 0 Comments

Given the innovation by Apple to eradicate the use of audio jacks and introducing Airpods, the latest Apple mobile products do not come with any space whatsoever with an audio jack space anymore.

While many have complained about losing their Airpods quickly because it is well, easy to lose, some others have lauded the new design and amazing features that are available for iPhone users of 7 and above. This is why over 60% of the global market on wireless headphones is the Airpods.

With the latest installation and features, many issues were addressed, including the battery capacity on idle mode. Many users claimed that their Airpods tend to reduce in total, almost 30% of battery life when on idle mode.

It was quite apparent that this was taking into consideration with subsequent updates as other impending issues noticed about the connection was looked into as well.

However, the reliable background noise filtration and built-in microphones, are none of the critical components that underlines the cutting edge technology of the Apple Airpods. Each Airpod weighs about 4 grams while the charging case measures at 38 grams only. The charging time of the device is about five hours, with over three hours of time usage.

With two generations already released, it is safe t say that the Apple Airpods are here to stay. The charging case costs about $80 on separate purchases and also works flawlessly with Airpods.

You can now order the Airpods separately and have access to your multimedia world of sound and other functions. However, despite been mainly created for Apple devices alone, you can connect and use your Airpods for even non-apple devices on the go.

By connecting to a Bluetooth network, your Airpods can now become your new Bluetooth headset. Although you cannot use Siri, you can only be able to listen and talk. To achieve this, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Using your Android or Windows device, open the Settings app under the Bluetooth window and ensure that the Bluetooth feature is already switched on. Settings>Connections>Bluetooth.
  • While your pods are still inside the charging case, open the lid of the charging case of your Airpod device.
  • Press and then hold the setup button located at the back of the case.
  • Release the button when the status light turns flashes to white.
  • Select your Airpods when they appear in the list of Bluetooth devices. Make sure your Bluetooth device on your pairing device is also turned on.

So yes, you can use your Apple Airpods to connect to even non-apple devices. The Airpods 2 currently costs $159, and Airpods 3 Pro for a bit higher. And if you already have an Airpod, no doubt you want to protect them in a well-made case. At Hardiston New York, you can find leather Airpod cases in a wide range of colors. A lot can be said about Airpods durability, and that is one of the most must-have items on the shopping list of many smartphone users around the globe.

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