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Effective methods to soften the leather made products

by Hardiston New York on 0 Comments

Minimally designed premium leather essentials such as wallets, phone cases, and phone case wallets are an extension of your personality. As durability and classiness come hand-in-hand, this fashion investment could also be tarnished quite easily with time especially, when treated inexpertly. However, you could now ensure your leather’s longevity, chicness, and softness through these expert suggestions.


With excessive use of your leather products, they tend to soften on their own, but we still have a handful reason as to why we should keep our precious leather wallets, leather phone cases with wallets, and those slim leather phone cases in healthy condition. Firstly, if leather goods are cared for properly, they might age with cracks, blemishes or even tear sooner than expected. It’s breathable quality, and delicate finishing makes it equally vulnerable as our skin. So, treating leather properly is the key to its beauty!


Before conditioning, your leather pouches and cases do ensure they are entirely dusted off. You can choose to use cleaners, but a clean damp cloth would equally work wonders. Be careful to completely air-dry your leather products for 24 hours before proceeding to any further treatment.  



One of the best and readily available means to soften your leather goods is to pamper your products with a refreshing spray of water.

Avoid over-saturation of water as excess moisture can instead harm your product. To facilitate the drying process, swipe your leather with a clean microfiber cloth. Afterward, a non-water repellent conditioner would be a right choice!


Use pure coconut oil on your leather wallets, slim leather phone cases or leather phone cases with wallets to soften them. Before you apply coconut oil its essential to expose them to sunlight for around 10 minutes for the product surface to become susceptible to absorb the oil. Gently apply a thin layer of oil in any corner to the product to see the final look-and-feel to ensure you would be satisfied with the overall result after full application. This might result in darkening or varying the shade of the product.


Another way is to apply rubbing alcohol via a cotton ball followed by covering the product surface by a thick layer of petroleum jelly, which would rejuvenate it and protect it against the dryness rubbing alcohol has caused. Another positive is that unlike coconut oil your product would not change its shade to darker tones.


If you feel the above remedies are too mainstream, over the counter products can be a solution also. It’s advisable to carefully read the description to evaluate if it’s the right fit for your leather. Refrain from using harsh products over the leather surface as it might bleach or tarnish. Choose quality commercial products to keep leather long-lasting.


After you finish softening your leather wallets, slim leather phone cases or leather phone cases with wallets, to an adequate level it’s pivotal to remember that the care is required consistently over time to ensure it is resistant to future stains as well as leather slows down its aging process. Moreover, you should also be mindful that:

  • Place it in a cool and dry place protecting it from exposure to direct sunlight
  • Avoid using plastic bags as the leather has its breather-able properties and would hence require airflow
  • Try not to over clean your leather wallets, leather phone cases and phone case wallets with a damp cloth as excessive water can generate stains
  • Prefer to use cleaning or polishing products that are free of any dyes
  • Just to ensure your product accepts the cleaner, try using it on a small patch to see the after results


At this stage, you must embrace yourself and be ready to shop for more leather products as being an expert; it truly gives you a spirit to enjoy this durable and versatile material differently. Hence, our brand, Hardiston brings you the experience of the genuineness of the leather goods.

 Visit our exquisite range of leather wallet, leather phone case with wallet, phone case leather wallet, and slim leather phone case at Hardiston. Our brand has a unique range of quality leather products, which gives your personality an additional edge and your style a new dimension! To view our contemporary and budget-friendly leather products please sneak-peak at Hardiston.

 In case you have any product related query, please feel free to comment in our contact form. We would actively reach out back to make your leather experience better genuinely.

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