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Organic - certified Organic by an internationally recognised certifying body.


BG-BIO-O2 - This means respecting the principles, rules and requirements of organic farming.


Vegetarian - contains no meat or fish


Vegan - contains no animal products.

Certified Gluten-Free

Certified Gluten-Free - Certified Gluten-Free at less than 10ppm.


Lactose-Free - Contains no lactose.

Wild Growth

Wild Growth - Grown naturally without being planted or cared for by humans.

Halal Certified

Halal Certified - The product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law.

GMO Free

GMO Free - .

Kosher Certified

Kosher Certified - The product checked the products ingredients, production facility and actual production to ensure all ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery have no trace of non-kosher substances.

Laboratory Tested

Laboratory Tested - Verifying that personnel have adequate credentials to practise certain disciplines.

Demeter Award

Demeter Award - Women in Agribusiness Demeter Award of Excellence. The award recognizes those who have achieved excellence in their field or demonstrated an extraordinary contribution to the agribusiness industry.

British Great Taste Award-winner

British Great Taste Award-winner -The awards are given in an annual contest open to food and beverage companies that are producing exceptional products.


MSG-Free - This claim means that the manufacturer has not added MSG into the food.

Laboratory Tested

Lactose-Free - Contains no lactose.

How to choose the perfect watch brand for every outfit?

How to choose the perfect watch brand for every outfit?

Are you in a state of a dilemma on which watch will match your outfit you plan to wear for a friend’s bachelor party? This post is a must-read for you. Aside from that that matching a watch to your outfit can be a bit difficult, it can also be comfortable at the same time. Since men, most of the time, possess more than a single watch, to select the perfect one for an outfit can be difficult. Although a watch can be a small accessory that people often give little or no attention, it can either make you attractive or shabby. Therefore, whenever you want to match an outfit with a watch brand, here are some fits tips to know!

Formality Vs. Formality

One of the most principles of matching a watch brand with an outfit is to be sure of the fashion of the outfit. Formal or business dresses are best used alongside formal watches. That is, an outfit with a black-tie function requires a simple dress watch. If you are putting on a navy or black suit, matching it with a silver or gold case will be 100% unique! Meanwhile, you must be sure that the watch has a leather strap.

Casual Dress

Unlike other outfits, pairing a watch with a casual dress can be a bit difficult. Once he saw a man with a suit lifting his hand to check the time on a G-shock watch. It sounds absurd, right? While watches for formal events have a strap, the ones for a less formal occasion are often made with metal bands. Therefore, if you are in search of a watch to wear at casual events, watches without straps are the best model for you.

These watches match a collared shirt or T-shirt, boots, jeans are other casual dresses entirely. However, some men still prefer to wear leather-strapped watches on casual occasions as they are versatile and user-friendly.

Sport Watches

Even though watch band for casual events and the band for sport have similar features, these two events are different, and they have different watches meant for them. One similar major feature between these two events is that their watch band are both larger compared to a business or formal dress watch. Unlike casual watches, switching metal for a leather strap can be a wrong idea.

It is essential to know that watches for sports require no elegant timepiece or design. The most important features should be durability. You must be sure that the dial, case, and strap are made from sturdy material that makes them durable. Therefore, straps in darker or metal color and neutral colors are the best options for you if you are planning to pair a sports watch with a casual dress.

Leather vs. Leather

Another essential tip to know before matching a watch band with your outfit is the material in which the watch is made from. Often, watchband with a leather strap is suitable for shoes with leather material and color. That is, to match your outfit with your watch, you must first match your shoes with your belt. So, if your shoes are leather made, your belt must also be made from leather material. After that, you pair your watch band with the two items.

For instance, if you are putting on a black belt and shoes on your outfit, a black watchband should be matched with these two items. On the other hand, a brown belt and shoes on your outfit should be pair with a brown watch band. Likewise, brown or black belts and shoes can also be paired with silver and gold straps. For your high-quality leather watch bands, visit Hardiston New York today!

Metal vs. Metal

Matching the metal case of the watch, especially the frame around the face with another metal material is another tip to perfectly pairing your outfit with your watch band. Titanium, steel, silver, and gold are the metals used to make the watch case. Also, the finish of the watch case can be inlaid with jewels crystals or can be patterned, shiny, or Metta. Likewise, the shapes of the case can be round, polygonal, rectangular, or square.

Therefore, if you are putting on a gold watchband, you must make sure that other accessories such as the ring are made of gold.  Other pieces of jewelry, such as shoe buckles, cuff links, buckles on the back of your waistcoat, should be considered.

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