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Popular Apple Watch Bands to Buy in 2019

by Hardiston New York on 0 Comments

Do you want to give a new look to your Apple Watch? Are you confused about where to begin? Apple Watch Bands have got you covered!

 At the beginning of 2019, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared that Apple has 1.4 billion active devices worldwide — a large percentage belongs to Apple watches.

 As Apple Watches are an expensive accessory, they need protection, which can be provided with ‘Watch Bands.’

 From leather bands to sports, rubber to Milanese loops, there are a plethora of options to pick from. With so many choices available on the market, it becomes daunting to choose the right one. To make your job a little easier, in this post, we’ve described some of the best Apple Watch bands that you can consider adding to your collection. So, let’s take a quick look:

 Different Types of Apple Watch Bands

 Apple offers six types of watch bands. These are the Link Bracelet, the Classic Buckle, the Leather loop, the sport band, Silicone Band, and the Milanese loop.

 Let’s talk about them in detail:

1- Link Bracelet - Made of stainless steel, this watch band comes with a double-button deployment clasp. You can choose from two sizes available. The 38 mm version is appropriate for wrists between 135- 195 mm, and the other is suitable for 140 mm to 205mm wrists.

2- The Leather Band - Made of genuine leather, it is the most durable band among the other options. While it represents a stylish look, it develops a patina by time. Hardiston New York offers several different options of leather Apple watch bands to choose from.

3- The Classic Buckle - The stainless steel and black leather hardware of this watch band are available in 38mm and 42mm models. The 38mm case fits perfectly on the wrists between 125-200 mm, whereas, the 42mm model is appropriate for 145 mm and 215 mm wrists.

4- The Sport Bands - Apple Edition watches come with color-matching buckles. You can not buy them separately. But if you own a regular Apple watch and are looking for sports bands, then there are many options available. The sport bands are durable, reliable, and soft. These drape elegantly across the wrist and make you feel comfortable. Also, pin-and-tuck closures make them a great fit.

5- Silicone Band - Another popular Apple watch band choice is Silicone bands. These bands are soft and come with stainless steel buckles. Many brands offer bands made of non-toxic and acid-resistant silicone, which come with oil coating and are great for keeping sweat away. You can get them from Apple Store.

6- Milanese Loop - Made of woven stainless steel mesh, the Milanese loop comes with a fold-over magnetic closure just like the leather loop. You can choose from two cases - 38mm and 42mm models. The 38mm case fits wrists between 130- 180 mm, whereas the 42mm case fits wrists measuring 150 mm to 200mm.

 The most preferred and lasting material preferred by Apple watch owners is leather. The leather Apple Watch band is available in many styles. Whether you are looking for a slim leather band, cuff leather band, double tour leather band, Croco design leather, or any other style, Hardiston New York has got you covered! You can find a wide range of stylish leather Apple watch bands.

Tips to Consider when Buying Popular Apple Watch Band


Quality matters. Your Apple Watch is expensive. Buying a cheap accessory doesn’t make any sense. So when buying a band for your Apple Watch, check the quality of the leather precisely. Is it genuine leather or just imitation? Make sure the leather is vegetable tanned as it ensures good quality. Also, don’t forget to check the locking mechanism if it is made from steel or corrosion-resistant? If you want your band to last long, take care of all these aspects.


 With so many styles of Apple Watch bands available, it becomes easy to choose one according to your lifestyle. For instance, if you are gifting a band to your mom, you can go for something stylish. If you live an active lifestyle, you can opt for a sports watch band.

 Look for Brands That Make Specialized Apple Watch Bands

There are many popular brands that design Apple watch bands exclusively, such as Apple, Hermes, Nike, and Sport Loop Strap. The Apple Watch bands by Hermes and Milanese give a professional look, while for an active lifestyle, you can opt for bands made by Sport Loop Strap.

 If you are looking to buy the best Apple Watchband, visit Hardiston today! We have a wide range of bands designed according to various lifestyles and choices.

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